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Dedicated to providing educational opportunities

There Is A Light Foundation and its program are dedicated to empowering individuals with high potential but limited financial means. By providing support, encouragement, and resources, the foundation aims to unlock opportunities and enable these individuals to pursue their dreams, achieve success, and make a positive impact on the world around them.


Our Mission

The There Is A Light Foundation is dedicated to supporting, encouraging, and enabling individuals with significant potential for success who face financial barriers. By providing opportunities and resources, the foundation empowers these individuals to fulfill their potential and achieve their goals. Through initiatives like scholarships, grants, and mentorship, the foundation assists those with academic excellence, leadership qualities, creative talents, and entrepreneurial spirit, bridging the gap caused by financial obstacles.

Our Vision

The foundation envisions a world where individuals with exceptional promise, regardless of financial means, can pursue their dreams and achieve success. By identifying and investing in those with high potential, the foundation aims to unlock opportunities that allow these individuals to make significant contributions to society. The "There Is A Light" program embodies this vision, delivering support and resources to help individuals overcome economic hardships and access educational and professional opportunities.

Our Values

The foundation values supporting educational opportunities, fostering leadership skills, building confidence, and promoting professional development. By providing financial aid for internships, exams, online courses, and tuition, the foundation equips individuals to pursue their academic and professional goals. Success stories include helping a Penn State student clear debt and take the bar exam, and funding a year-long music production course for an aspiring music producer, enabling her to release a song on her goal label.

Our Founder

Arash Homampour

Arash Homampour is widely regarded as one of the best trial lawyers of our time. He exclusively represents individuals in cases involving catastrophic injuries and wrongful deaths, consistently achieving victories in cases others deem impossible to win. As the founder of The Homampour Law Firm, he has established its reputation as one of California’s premier trial firms, focusing on outlier results by taking a limited number of cases at a time.

A child of immigrants and a self-made professional who financed his own undergraduate (USC) and law school (Southwestern) education, he worked full-time virtually as a solo practitioner while attending law school. Starting his law firm with no mentor, money, or cases, Arash’s story is one of the American Dream with unwavering commitment and hard work, going from handling minor traffic cases to becoming a titan in the field of catastrophic injury/death litigation. Today, his firm has obtained over $1 billion for clients. Notable recent cases include:


Arash Homampour, founder of The Homampour Law Firm, exclusively represents individuals in catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases, achieving victories in seemingly unwinnable cases. A child of immigrants, he financed his education at USC and Southwestern Law School while working full-time. Starting his firm with no mentor or money, he has obtained over $1 billion for clients, including notable cases like a $100 million medical negligence verdict and a $65.75 million motor vehicle settlement.


Arash Homampour consistently ranks among the top 10 attorneys in Southern California. He is acclaimed as a Legal Visionary by the LA Times, a Daily Journal Top 100 Lawyer, and recognized as one of the 10 Titans of the Plaintiff's Bar by Law360. He has also received CAALA’s Ted Horn Memorial Award and has been honored as the Trial Attorney of the Year by multiple associations. Arash contributes to The Los Angeles Daily Journal, Law 360, Forbes, and Entrepreneur Magazine.

Giving Back

Dedicated to societal betterment, Arash Homampour runs the nonprofit There Is A Light, providing financial assistance and grants to help individuals advance in life. He routinely mentors and speaks to lawyers and law students on achieving excellence in law and humanity, with the core belief that success and abundance should be shared. Through his work, Arash aims to make society a better place, embodying his commitment to giving back and uplifting others.

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Raise Fund for Save Elephant

Your donation can save the elephants around the world.

Education for Poor Children

It is important because your small support can change the world a lot.

Promoting The Rights of Children

We have launched this project to ensure the rights of poor children.

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Pure Water

Millions of people around the world live under a lower scale of poverty. They do not get pure, safe and sound drinking water. So we are trying to serve them pure health water for their better future.

Healthy Food

In today's world we know that many people do not get their food daily. It is very difficult for us in today's world that people do not get their food. So we opened a project called "No people will die without eating"

Medical Facilities

People in Africa, Philistine, afghanistan, Livia and many other countries are not getting the proper medical treatment. So we have open a slogan and a project called “people will not suffer for medical treatment”


Education is the backbone of a nation. But many children do not get a chance to go to school due to their poverty. So we are raising funds for a project called education for everyone and every child will go to school.

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