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Supporting Educational Opportunities

Our foundation seeks to empower individuals through education, foster leadership development, cultivate confidence, and facilitate professional growth. Through tailored support and diverse opportunities, the program endeavors to equip scholars with the tools to effect positive change within their communities and pursue enriching career paths.



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What We Do

Encouraging Success and Achievement through access

A scholarship program to prepare scholars to make meaningful contributions to their communities and pursue fulfilling careers.

Supporting Educational Opportunities

We invest in the education of students with a high potential for success by providing financial assistance with tuition, books, supplies, or even study abroad experiences.

Fostering Leadership Skills

We intend to provide opportunities for program recipients so they can develop and enhance their leadership abilities through workshops, seminars, and mentorship programs.

Building Confidence and Recognition

This program provides support, recognition, and encouragement to students through opportunities for public speaking, networking events, and various projects.

Promoting Professional Development

We aim to equip scholars with the skills and knowledge required to succeed. Internships, research projects, career counseling, and access to professional networks will unlock recipients' career prospects and build their professional skills. 

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Our Impact

Enriching lives and fostering leadership development

There is a Light is more than just providing financial assistance to those seeking to further their education. We're supporting and funding tomorrow's leaders by opening up doors that will help them overcome challenges and achieve success. See and hear a success stories from a few of our program recipients.

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Shining a Light on Scholars

Our Mission

There Is A Light Foundation is dedicated to supporting, encouraging, and enabling individuals who have a high potential for success and achievement but lack access to the financial resources necessary to achieve their goals. To advance our mission, we created a program entitled There Is A Light.

Empowering High Potential Individuals

Our Vision

This foundation serves as a vehicle for delivering support and assistance to individuals in need. Through the program, the foundation offers various forms of aid, such as scholarships, grants, mentorship, and access to educational and professional opportunities.

Looking for Financial Assistance?

Share your story with us by submitting an application to our program. We created this program to provide resources to those seeking to further their education.

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Success Stories

2 Jun

Zara Mokhtar

Zara is a first-generation, third-year law student at Southwestern […]

16 Jun

Aubrey Shay

Aubrey recently participated in a transformative experience at IO […]

2 Jun

Bianca de la Vega

Bianca is a third-year law student at Southwestern Law […]

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